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Requirements for Registration

  • An honours degree in a relevant science (taken over a minimum 3 year period from a UK university or its equivalent); or DIBT, DRCPath, DABT or equivalent qualification
  • And at least 5 years subsequent relevant toxicological experience
  • Assessment of suitability for registration e.g. by published works, confidential reports or reviews
  • Applicants must be currently engaged in the practice of toxicology and be of good professional standing
  • Applicants must name two senior toxicologists as referees, at least one of whom should be a EURTOX Registered Toxicologist. If this causes difficulty please contact the Register Manager who will advise you further.
Please note that it is vital that both of your references are received on time in order for your application to be considered. Also it is your responsibility to ensure your referees send their references to The Royal Society of Biology. The Society will not necessarily request them.

Applying for Registration

Those wishing to apply for membership of the Register should do so through The Royal Society of Biology"s own website. The fee for the UKRT will be unchanged, i.e. £100 to join the Register as a new member and £50/year retention fee. There is no discount for membership of The Royal Society of Biology or the British Toxicology Society. However, the 5-yearly re-registration will be free and covered by the retention fee for the year of re-registration.

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