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Welcome to the UK Register of Toxicologists


The intention of this site is to assist people who wish to learn about registration as a toxicologist, and to give information relating to the Registration Panel of the UK Register of Toxicologists (UKRT).

Following from the UKRT becoming a Special Interest Group (SIG) of the Society of Biology, over the coming year the Register itself and this Register website are to be transitioned into the Society of Biology"s database and onto the Society of Biology"s own website. This, will in time become the main vehicle for information relating to requirements for registration, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and other relevant items and matters.

The current members" login area on this website will remain active until around the end of the year. Current registrants will be moved across during the year in several tranches and will be given full instructions as their turn to move across comes. The retention fee for 2014 will be collected as and when they transition.

After May 2014 new applications for registration should be carried out through the online system of the Society of Biology"s website. Please read the instructions on the website carefully. It is necessary to first register with mySociety to access the application form. However this mySociety registration is free and it is not necessary to join the Society of Biology to register with mySociety.

This move will have several advantages. It will make management and administration of the Register much easier and more efficient, CPD activities can be recorded online, reminders for retention fees will be sent automatically and payments can be made online.

There will be a 5 year overlap period where a registrant"s CPD activities before their transitions can be submitted on the current CPD excel spreadsheet, but those carried out after the transition will be through the Society of Biology"s online CPD system. Full instructions will be given at the time of transition.

Members can also subscribe through mySociety to the Society"s Biomedical, Biotechnology and Pharma monthly electronic newsletter, which also describes the Society"s activities in the sector as well as a roundup of relevant news and discoveries.

The fee for the UKRT will be unchanged, i.e. £100 to join the Register as a new member and £50/year retention fee. There is no discount for membership of the Society of Biology or the British Toxicology Society. However, the 5-yearly re-registration will be free and covered by the retention fee for the year of re-registration.

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